Welcome to "Restaurant Zum König" in Solingen-Wald!


For more than 175 years our traditional restaurant has been well known here in the area of Solingen. We offer a classic, local as well as a modern, creative cuisine. You will find vegan and vegetarian food, most of our dishes are gluten-free. Enjoy the traditional atmosphere, accompanied by  Jazz-Music and Piano-Music. Start your dinner with a chilled local beer or with a glass of one of our organic wines. We hope you will enjoy our food and our hospitality. Look forward to having a nice evening, we look forward to welcoming you.


Restaurant "Zum König"

Deller Straße 1

42719 Solingen - Wald

Tel. (0212) 64 55 97 77


Dienstag - Sonntag ab 18 Uhr

Um Tischreservierung wird gebeten. Ab 20:30 Uhr ausschleßlich mit vorheriger Tischreservierung.

Ruhetag: Montag



Gastraum: 30

"Schibbelsstübchen": 24


Fine dining: Menü & À la carte


Multi cuisine, kreativ, lokal





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