Our menu:


We offer fresh, seasonal and local spezialties and a frequently changing selection of other dishes: sometimes traditional, sometimes new, creative cuisine. We try to get most of the ingredients from the local area. We get beef from local butchers and vegatables from a farm nearby for example. The fresh fish we offer is of MSC-certified, sustainable fisheries. The majority of our food is gluten-free. You will also find vegan, vegetarian and lactose-free dishes on offer. Identification for all allergens can be found at the menu card in our restaurant. Our daily menu you will find on the boards in the restaurant.


Restaurant "Zum König"

Deller Straße 1

42719 Solingen - Wald

Tel. (0212) 64 55 97 77


Dienstag - Sonntag ab 18 Uhr

Um Tischreservierung wird gebeten. Ab 20:30 Uhr ausschleßlich mit vorheriger Tischreservierung.

Ruhetag: Montag



Gastraum: 30

"Schibbelsstübchen": 24


Fine dining: Menü & À la carte


Multi cuisine, kreativ, lokal





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